Sunday, July 1, 2012

My yard visitors

So happy that the American Goldfinch was willing to help me dead head my Coreposis, a group that is related to the Sunflower.  There were a pair of finch in the yard, which I'm hoping means there are even more.
In the afternoon the sun was streaming down the side yard, highlighting the Karl Forester grass next to the pink Bee Balm.
We regularly see this Tiger Swallowtail in the backyard.  I'm sure that's largely due to the fact that we've planted over two dozen plants that will attract him.  He generally brings a friend or two along. With over 550 species, Swallowtails are noted for being some of the most beautiful butterflies. I have to agree.
And then there are the bees, thank goodness.  If not for them, my garden wouldn't be nearly as full of blooms, not to mention the harvest of produce I get.
Sunflowers, I never plant them, yet they are always in abundance in the yard.  Maybe the three bird feeders have something to do with that. 

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