Friday, July 27, 2012

Flowers, food and bunnies

Everyday begins as a new page in a book, in the garden.  So much can change in 24 hours.  With the short six month window my plants have to grow, they give it their all every day.
Let me lead you down the garden path.....
With Hops on the left, two pots of Basil on the right, Sunflowers brighten the way.
This American Gold Finch continues to frequent the yard and is welcome to all the seeds he can take.
The Garden Phlox is coming into full bloom right now.
Pulled these Beets, Dragon's Egg and Marketmore cucumbers this morning.
Every garden needs some Black Eyed Susan's, don't you think?
Red cabbage is planted in the flower beds, wish they'd hurry up and grow.
Although I haven't seen any damage yet, my nemesis is still getting into the back yard.  He does not appear timid or afraid, as I watch from three feet away while he munches on green grass.  That doesn't mean I trust him, I still need to post a sign-- NO CUTE BUNNIES ALLOWED.

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