Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gardens in the Watershed of Maine

Our good friends rented a house in Tenants Harbor, Maine for the month of July. They graciously invited us to visit them for a week during their stay. Aside from cooking every type of fresh seafood the area had to offer and the quest for the best lobster roll in town, we toured a few gardens. Kitty and I wrote the following article for the Key West Citizen.
Fortunately for us the Georges River Land Trust (GRLT) was sponsoring the 24th annual ‘Gardens in the Watershed Tour' during our stay on the Central Maine Coastline. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Winter Stash ~ Summer Corn

Summer corn is in! The only thing better than eating fresh corn in August is eating it in January.
I'm secretly partial to bi-colored corn. I'll admit that it might be all in my mind but they seem to taste sweeter. Every summer I spend a good part of one day prepping, blanching and putting up fresh Colorado corn for the winter. Now I'm ready to add summer sunshine to a pot of winter chowder on a moments notice.