Monday, August 10, 2015

Winter Stash ~ Summer Corn

Summer corn is in! The only thing better than eating fresh corn in August is eating it in January.
I'm secretly partial to bi-colored corn. I'll admit that it might be all in my mind but they seem to taste sweeter. Every summer I spend a good part of one day prepping, blanching and putting up fresh Colorado corn for the winter. Now I'm ready to add summer sunshine to a pot of winter chowder on a moments notice.

It goes without saying, even though I'm saying it, all those husks were chopped and added to the compost.
Apparently it's time to start pickling cucumbers.
The winter squash are growing quickly. Fortunately they'll go down to the cool basement for storage, no special handling required.
I do so enjoy this time of year. Happy gardening!

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