Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More garden delights

I finally pulled all my lettuces in order to make room for the Leeks to grow.  Red Sails and Grand Rapids lettuces are both very slow to bolt, so I feel fortunate that they were able to produce this far into July.  In another couple of months, when our temperature cools down, I'll plant more seeds.
The markings on these Green Zebra tomatoes are so unusual.  This is my first year growing them, so I'm anxious for them to ripen.
We put this spaghetti squash at the base of a vertical growing space.  It climbed up the trellis and now is attached to one of the branches on the Blue Spruce.  I tied the squash around the branch so it's weight won't drag the squash vine down.
Here's another first for this year:  the Dragons Egg cucumber.  I bought the seeds from Baker Creek last year, but it was too late in the summer to start them.  Kinda funny looking, hope they taste good.
The latest addition to our potted foods is a bay leaf tree.  One day my husband mentioned  that it might be nice to pick fresh bay leaves as we need them.  That's all I needed to hear; a few days later I found a Bay Laurel at the local nursery.  I'm pleased they do well in pots.
In the fall, the bay leaf tree will come inside along with the citrus trees so they can over winter in the sun room.

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