Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby bison, alive and well in Wyoming

We so look forward to our annual trip to the Bison Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming.  Love to see the young Bison, and this year there was Billy.  He was the second born of all the babies in the herd and that was the second week of April. There must be over 200 newborn, maybe 300.  I can't remember what Billy's issue was, either his Mom died or there was a health issue with the new born which caused the mother to leave the baby, whatever it was, Billy was alone.
How sweet is he?  The silly thing is, he thinks he's a dog, a pet.  Billy needs to be bottle fed four times a day, and he is removed from the herd, living in the yard at the house.
It is so much fun to go out in the field, of course this is in a pickup truck,  and get close to the herd.
There's always a lot going on.  Even amongst the herd. 
These animals are so large.  There is nothing in everyday life that we can relate their size to.
Having Billy as our reference, we know that these babies are under two months old.  Hard to believe, isn't it?
So just like a dog, when everyone is standing in the front yard talking, if he's not getting attention, Billy just lays down and curls up in the grass. 

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