Monday, July 2, 2012

The Iowa girl needs corn

Okay, today is the day.  Let's start husking and get this job going.  How nice it is to have fresh corn kernels during the winter.  We're going to keep that thought in the back of our minds while we're going through these stages with 50 ears of corn.
Stage 1.  Husking
Stage 2.  Blanching
Stage 3.  Take the kernels off
Stage 4.  Vacuum seal
The husking is done.  The cooler's filled with ice and water, now to get the water boiling.
Doesn't that look good?  Makes my mouth water just to see them.
Plunged in cool water to stop the cooking. 
After last years 'corn day' I vowed not to take the kernels off in the kitchen next time.  So I had a table out under the apple tree, and didn't have to worry about any of the juice or kernels flying.  I have to admit, that was a genius idea.  The set up looks like it wants to be a lemonade stand.
With 58 Cups of corn, 26 sealed bags later,  I can sit back and enjoy the rest of this season's fresh corn, knowing that I have the winter months covered if there is a need for corn.

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