Monday, July 9, 2012

More yard guests

We do see a lot of wildlife even being in a suburban area, but on the other hand we grow many of the plants that attract wildlife.  There was a dark green hummingbird flitting about the larkspur yesterday.
This blue jay was sitting on the cross arms for the tomato cages.  Even if you don't care for blue jays, you must appreciate their vibrant colors.
The Harrier is a silent flyer.  Here he is sitting on the back fence.  
This robin came back with a worm for one of her little ones.  She has had a busy couple of months, as this is her second full nest this season.
With four consecutive and much welcomed days of rain, there are plenty of worms out and about for her to choose from.
As cute as this little guy is, he causes me to shudder.  Having 17 tomato plants, a wide variety of peppers, cucumbers, winter and summer squash, eggplant, leeks, lettuces, kale, and berries, I dropped everything and came running when my husband said "there's a rabbit in the garden."   As he exited from the danger zone I discovered the point of entry and can assure you that small gauge chicken wire was installed to secure the border as quickly as possible.

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