Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hydrangea, Liatris and Shastas

I don't think my hydrangea would make it through the winter so I bring the pot in every year.  Two years ago, after reading an article on how to over winter the hydrangea,  I cut back all of the plant and let it sit in the garage.  It grew a lot of foliage the following summer, but didn't bloom.  Last fall, after reading another article that stated hydrangeas only bloom on old wood, similar to lilacs, I brought it inside and didn't cut anything off, just let the leaves drop on their own.  You be the judge.  I think I read some bad advice the first time.
A welcome sight and easy perennial, Shasta daisies fill in the back edge of the front sloping flower bed.
The Liatris are starting to bloom.  I think it's odd how they start opening at the top of the feather and work their way down.  It's also known as Blazing Star or Prairie Gay Feather, a perennial grown mostly for it's purple flower.
We just planted this peach tree last summer.  It's got more peaches than branches.  I can't imagine how this little skinny tree is sustaining  and feeding 6 dozen peaches.

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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