Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poppy Fields Forever (think Beatles)

Enjoying Denver Botanical Gardens after my volunteer time, I walked the Poppy Fields.  Unbelievably spectacular.  Some of these flowers are ginormus. (That's probably not a real word)
These salmon colored poppies were exotic.
Look at the fringe on this flower... incredible.
White poppies with stunning  purple centers. 
Isn't this pretty?  You've got to fall in love with Poppies.
Who can't appreciate this beauty?
Truly, this is my favorite photo.  There were actually six bees in the center of this flower.  Some of them would land on my hand as they flew out and steadied themselves, but they weren't interested in me. 
Lastly, the Foxtail Lily.  They look like candles, enlightening me to wanting them in my yard.

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