Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fantastic Double Bearded Iris

My Iris's are in bloom now, and they are stunning.  Usually blooming 4-6 weeks earlier, but of course the whole climate change in the U.S. has everything out of whack, so our late bloom is not the only issue.  The little white balls on the plant to the right are Peony's, soon to pop.  They usually bloom on Memorial Weekend, but again, the seasons are starting later.
I do love the Iris bulb.  They are so beautiful when they emerge from the ground after the long winter.  This particular iris, I had decided to toss.  I dug it out of the ground in a space where we were going to build a new raised flower bed.  I even thought of dividing it and maybe putting it somewhere else, but only half heartedly looked for another location.
Well, the darn thing decided to show me how much it wanted to live and chose to bloom, even though it wasn't in it's" ideal location."  Look how silly... it's been sitting here on the side of the new bed, out of the ground, everything exposed, for almost 3 months.  Of course I don't have the heart to throw it away now.  He's earned a spot in the yard.
Lastly, the bleeding hearts, one of my favorite early spring bloomers.   I moved them from the South side to the North side, and they seem to be happy with the change.

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