Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Orchids, are they worth it?

Orchids don't really belong in Colorado.  They thrive in a tropical, humid environment, the opposite of what Colorado offers. They are an easy grow in Florida, and very much worth having.  Many will bloom 3-4 times a year in Florida.  So this winter I decided to make a point to water and fertilize my orchids on a weekly basis and see if this made a difference.  I know people that encase their orchids in a mini humid greenhouse, so they will bloom.  Personally, I don't enjoy seeing them through plastic.
I do have one blooming now.  So the effort I put into it did make a difference.  But in the big picture...they still require too much investment here, so I need to move on.  I still enjoy their beauty, but there are hundreds of plants that need my attention now.  Happy that I had a bloomer again.

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