Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The many shades of green

It all started while I was laying in the hammock looking up, admiring the Oak leaves against the blue sky. The Oak tree is an anchor for one end of the hammock, the other is an Aspen.  As I glanced around at the perennials I started thinking about all the different shades of green that surface this time of year.  Soon there will be every color of the rainbow mixed in but for now, it is all about the GREEN.
With grass like this you can't 
wear shoes. It just feels great
to be barefoot on this lush carpet.
Lupine, one of Colorado's native plants. 
Sage, it has a great texture.
Love-in-a-mist, so fern like.
Romaine lettuce.
Siberian Bugloss, the perennial 
Scented geraniums.
Jacob's ladder, which fondly reminds
me of the laborious switchbacks,
by the same name, as you 
ascend from the bottom of the
Grand Canyon.
Clematis, soon to be covered in purple.
Bronze Fennel, a butterfly magnet.
Oregano, a must for the kitchen.
Hosta, almost looks blue.

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