Friday, July 22, 2011

Yeah for Squash blossoms

This summers first Squash blossoms! 
You know what that means.  Soon we'll have more zucchini than two people can possibly eat.  If it gets to that, I'll start putting them on the neighbors porches late at night.
These Bush Blue Lake beans are climbing their way up the strings and loaded with white blossoms.
Three cucumbers are latching on to the frame I gave them for support.
These little Sun Gold Tomatoes will probably never make it in to a salad.  Not that they won't ripen, but I usually eat them off the vine while I'm working outside.
I'm going to give the neighbors bees all of the credit.  We have a symbiotic relationship with our neighbor--his bees are good for my plants, and my plants supply his bees with pollen.  The second story that was recently added to the hive, is completely full of honey.

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