Friday, July 1, 2011

The serenity of Denver Botanical Gardens

I can't tell you how peaceful a place it is to work..well..volunteer, at Denver Botanical Gardens.  There is no hurry, hurry..rush, rush undertone. Waterfalls are everywhere, and you can hear that pleasant sound from almost every place in the gardens. 
The water features are amazing.  Photographers are always there with all their equipment set up to capture a photo in just the right light.  I walk behind them, so I won't get in their way, with my little digital and snap a few photos.
These Day Lilies were drop-dead spectacular.  The color was really energizing. 
There was a Zen kind of calmness running with this little creek as it meandered through the gardens...quite refreshing.  So whether I'm playing tug-of-war with bindweed, trimming lavender or roses, or just pulling weeds, taking care of their plants is as rewarding as taking care of my own.

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