Sunday, July 17, 2011

10th Mountain Eiseman Hut

It's nice to take the grand view every once in a while.  Now I am not diminishing any part of living here in Arvada, the suburbs of Denver.  I love the Mile High City, and in Arvada we are at 5337'.  But to get to 11,180' and work at a Volunteer gig for 3 days is really incredible.  Miles and miles of wilderness with no skyscrapers, asphalt or traffic jams.
Here we are over looking Vail, Beaver Creek and Mt Holy Cross, which is above Vail.  This was early Friday upon our arrival, with only more wonderful views to come.

At 5:00, when the whistle blew(it's really not like that) we climbed 100' or so to the ridge line, and did a short hike.  You can see that we are above treeline.  Just love being this close to the clouds.
Enjoying a quiet moment alone on the deck, only then do the natives show up.
This is not a fire on the horizon, apparently it's just a typical sunset here.
I'm thinking I want to share a few more photos, because right now, I'm missing the high country.

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