Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keeping up in the yard

This the Golden Rain Tree.  I enjoy the different looks it has while growing during the season.  All the little yellow flowers will turn into peach colored paper lanterns in another month or so.  Really stunning to see.  
The early day blue sky served as a great background.
These dark orange day lilies really get your attention.
The grapes are growing.  I just need to keep the little squirrels and birds away long enough for them to mature so I can eat them.  Fortunately the leaf cover above is helping to disguise the fact that the grapes are growing below.
And who in the U.S. hasn't heard that Colorado has been rained on for 9 straight days?  We are talking heavy rain, many inches, some have even had damaging hail ( cross your fingers-- so far, not in my yard ) But all that rain sure did make for a beautiful sunset.

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