Monday, July 25, 2011

Wild Blackberries

This is really cool:  I have a wild blackberry bush in my front planter.  I didn't put it there, but I am happy to have it all the same.  Apparently, after some investigation on my part, I discovered that each berry is really made up of lots of tiny, round, shiny berries stuck together—an aggregate fruit.  Each tiny berry in the cluster has its own seed, so one animal eating one fruit spreads many seeds.  I have a lot of birds that frequent my yard, so I'm thanking them all.
The fruit, which ripens in early summer through mid fall, goes from green to red to black.  I discovered the plant when the berries were all green, so I've been watching it for a while.
The berries are growing from the center of this flower.  According to what I've read, wild blackberries are like the ones you buy, only much tastier.  I am ready for that.
Here's the update on the zucchini crop... the first three are part of dinner tonight.

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