Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Summer Corn

The great tasting sweet corn from Olathe, Colorado, grown over on the Western Slope, finally came in to the stores this week.
Didn't have any big plans for the day, so we shucked and washed four dozen ears of corn this morning.

Blanched them in batches of eight at a time for about 4 minutes.
Then plunged them in ice water until they cooled off.  After they drained the tedious part began.  Cutting the kernels off  forty eight corn cobs takes some time, and can be quite messy.
Having done this before, I decided to save myself some cleanup time and move everything off the counter. (Next time I'll do it on a table out in the middle of the yard and have even less cleanup.)
I ended up with twenty eight cups of sweet corn kernels, which I vacuum sealed in two cup portions. Now I'll be able to have fresh Colorado corn even on a snow day. But first,  I think we deserve a batch of basil corn fritters on the grill tonight.

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