Monday, August 1, 2011

Bulbs and more

I really under estimated the amount of hyacinth bulbs I dug up.  Yesterday I planted 565 from the bucket, and that was only 2/3 of them.  UGH!!  The local temperature has dropped from the 90's, so I suppose I could get a few more in the ground today.
The wild blackberries are very sweet.
Sunflowers are starting to open.

The fern like stalks on this Bronze Fennel are between four and six feet tall.  Their stalks support clusters of tiny yellow flowers that attract butterflies and bees. 
But if you are not careful and it drops the ripened seeds before you can get to them, you will find hundreds of plants in your garden the following year.   I'm just about to cut the flowers off of this one, before I have a meadow of fennel.   

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