Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time for Salsa

Looking at all these tomatoes, and the rain coming down outside, my light bulb moment suggested that it might be a good day to can a batch of salsa.
The first step was to blanch the tomatoes so I could peel and core them.  Then gather the rest of the ingredients, and commence cutting and chopping.  Most cooks have their own special ingredient they like to add.  Me being an Iowa girl, I add corn to my salsa.
Three large green peppers, ten cups of  tomatoes, and three ears of corn.  A great way to cut and catch the corn from the cob is to place the stem end on the raised center of a bundt pan.  Slice close to the cob from top to bottom and slowly spin the cob around until you've got it all.
More chopping: three cups of onions, nearly two cups of roasted big jim peppers, a red and green serrano, some garlic and cilantro.  A day later, and my right thumb is still sore from all that knife work.  In the mean time, I sterilized the mason jars and lids.
Cooking down some of the liquid, after adding the vinegar.
Everything went well during processing and now there are eight pints of salsa for the winter pantry.

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