Monday, September 5, 2011

Refuge house for overgrown plants

I know you've heard of the horse rescue and dog rescue facilities.  Well, my friends consider me the plant rescue house for their overgrown plants.  I'm really happy to take them in.  Last year a friend of mine had a Shefflera that had outgrown the space it was given. This plant was and still is really huge.  Believe it or not, I cut off at least a third of the plant because it was just too big. It has got to be almost 5' tall and 6' or more in width.  But appears quite happy here and has the space to grow.
Last week another friend commented that she new I had taken someone's plant and would I take her palm.  Of course I would, there was no doubt.  They've both been to my house multiple times and have seen the greenery.
I was glad she told me to bring the truck, instead of the little car, which is what I always drive, because it just wouldn't fit in the front seat.  Like the other, it is nearly 5 feet tall, and fortunately was backed up against a wall, which is where I was going to put it, so all it's growth is coming forward.  It's very healthy, as was the Schefflera.  So after more thinking, I shouldn't call my house a rescue, that term usually refers to bringing in 'something' that is not doing well and needs to be saved.  This is more of an adoption.  Anyway, I'll do my best to ease them into my family of flora.

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