Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Lobster

Discovered two lobster downstairs in the freezer, that our friends had brought from Florida when they came.  YUM!!  Think about it, living in Colorado, fresh lobster is not an easy thing to come by.  My friends live in the Keys, so they caught it, vacuumed sealed it, and put it in a cooler along with  other treasures: dolphin, Key West pinks and some great homemade smoked fish for their trip out here.  We did eat lobster one night that week, and I remember them telling us that there was some for us to have later.  Totally delicious and sweet.  I remember the days when I would catch it with them, we had so much fun.  Some times my girlfriend and I would have to catch the same lobster twice, because we would be laughing so hard while under water, that we would loose it before we had to go up.  FYI:  In the Keys, you free dive to catch lobster, no dive tanks allowed.  The depth was anywhere between 12 and 20 feet deep.  Now that's work, getting down there, spotting the lobster (they always seem to be under a ledge),then having to position yourself so you can reach in and retrieve him, rather than doing the novice thing of just reaching in and breaking off his antenna.  That takes a lot of air, while you are free diving.  Great memories.

Also grilled some asparagus and made a wonderful fresh salad filled with all kinds of good things.  Couldn't be better.

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