Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden of Eatin'

Getting ready for our grilling season, the Pit Master built a shelf to set necessary utensils on while working in the pit.  I'm thinking I might see a beer or two up there as well.  Many would argue that beer is a necessary piece of equipment one would need while in the BBQ arena.

After brining a 7 lb roasting chicken overnight, he was smoked on the kettle.  OMG!!! Waaaay tasty:))  And my little secret...every time my sweetie is going to use the kettle, I grab a sweet potato, scrub it, stab it with a fork a few times, then put it on the grill with whatever else he has  on there.  The flavor of the wood chips permeates the sweet potato beyond belief, it's such a sweet treat. 

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