Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July = Summer

Spring was the beginning of a tough road to summer. Well...summer has finally arrived and it is time to appreciate the beauty and bounty nature delivers.
These aromatic roses are flourishing since we built the compost crate next to them last summer. 

The hummingbird moth has plenty of columbine and other flowers to keep him busy throughout the yard.
A family of robins recently vacated the cozy nest they made in the weeping cherry tree.  It was fun to monitor the constant efforts to feed and raise the two fledglings after hatching.
Since my fifteen years in Colorado, this is the first year I have seen Lupine, Iris and Peony all in bloom simultaneously. 
I relish the next four months as I enjoy fresh salad greens from the yard. Sweet sugar snap peas and pea tendrils also add interest to a salad as the vigil for a ripe tomato continues.
Speaking of tomatoes...I truly intended to plant only twelve this year.  As any gardener will tell you, if you count on all your seeds to grow they won't, so you plant more, but they did.  Add to that, Heirloom seeds from a friend of my Dads in North Carolina that all took as well.  I'm not going to mention how many I have planted because it would justify having me committed. We'll see how the season grows:) 

Hope you are looking forward to summer gardening as much as I am.

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