Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Close Encounter with a Red Tailed Hawk

With a bright sunny morning ahead I took my laptop outside. When I'm reading I need quiet, but when I'm creating I like to have music playing, this is to say that my presence was obvious.
Apparently this Red Tailed Hawk was not at all concerned with me being just twelve feet away from where he choose to land.

Fortunately I was downloading photos from my camera, otherwise I wouldn't have these pictures to share.  I certainly wasn't about to disturb the scene by moving; as it was I felt my heart was beating too loud.
I neither saw nor heard him land in the crook of the Golden Rain Tree at eight feet above the ground.  A slight movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention.  I looked up to discover a hawk with its recent prey in my tree.
Having never been this close to a hawk just doing what it does, I was mesmerized.
He stayed for nearly ten minutes.  All I could do was appreciate that I was able to watch this amazing bird at such a close distance with no danger or threat to either of us. 
Predators this large rarely land in our yard.

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