Friday, August 17, 2012

Winter squash is on it's way

Have you thought of planting your vegetables in your perennial beds?  Don't get rid of your vegetable garden, I just mean to lace a few vegetables here and there.  I usually plant broccoli, red cabbage, Swiss chard, herbs and winter squash along side my flowers.  This year they are encroaching onto the walkway a little more than usual.
I'm growing Burgess Buttercup and Kobocha squash.  They are hard winter squash that store well, and I love their deep flavor after they've been roasted.  
The brussels sprouts plants are coming along fine.  I believe you either love them or hate them, and fortunately both my husband and I love them.  They will double in size and will be ready to harvest in early November. 
The leeks are thriving.  I am especially pleased about this new garden addition this year.  I have them located in at least six different parts of the garden and now know where they grow best.  Already thinking about next years planting.  
Tuscan kale is a vegetable that does well in cold weather, and actually tastes better after it's been kissed by some cool nights
I'll leave you with this little American gold finch upside down getting his fill.  How can he swallow seeds like that?

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