Thursday, August 2, 2012

Carins, fruits, and orchids

I'm trying to create good garden karma, so I've placed little carins along my garden paths.  In the hiking world, a cairn is a small tower of stones or rocks that serve as a nod to other hikers meaning this is the trail, the right way to go.  Occasionally, when you reach the top of a particularly strenuous hike there might be a large cairn with each hiker adding a stone to acknowledge their feat.  I believe you are always on the right path when you are walking through a garden.
Do you ever wonder why people can't get along the way plants do?   Plants don't seem to mind being a bit crowded and having another in it's space.  Every plant, given the proper sunlight and watering, attempts to maximize it's potential.  The grapes are thriving in spite of the thieving squirrels and hovering Althea. 
Talk about growing bigger than itself, this crazy peach tree has to be supported every which way.  Barely over five feet tall, there are three dozen peaches hanging from the branches.
One day last fall I divided and re-potted an orchid into three different containers.  Now they are all blooming.  
I'm wishing you good garden karma.

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