Friday, August 16, 2013

Hosta ~ Friday's Flower

Native to Japan, Korea and China, the Hosta is also referred to as a Plaintain LilyWhen grown in the wild, the leaves on this shade tolerant plant are usually green.  Nurseries carry a wide variety of greens, even a frosty blue.  The elongated heart shaped leaves can be edged in yellow, cream or white, with the reverse also possible; edged in green with white, yellow or cream as the dominate color.
The broad leafed perennial Hosta is grown from rhizomes, which are horizontal underground stems that produce shoots above and roots below.

Hosta's are usually grown for their stunning ribbed foliage, while the clusters of white or bluish-purple flowers that grow on tall stems from the center are merely a bonus.
Requiring the same growing conditions as a Hosta, the Astllbe and it's fern-type foliage makes a lovely companion.  These two are often planted in groupings together.

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