Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vertical Knife Block

I've heard the experts say that you only need one good knife.  Honestly, I don't feel that way.  When I want a sharp, clean knife I want to be able to reach out and get one, not have to walk over to the other side of the room.  I have a lot of knives in my kitchen, and I use them all.  Having a couple of work stations, it made perfect sense to have knives easily available to each area.  After a few discussions with my husband, truly Bob-the-builder, I put in a work order (Bob loves work orders) for a vertical knife block that hugs the wall.   I love the practicality of it and that no counter space is compromised.
While we were re-inventing this corner, Bob built a 17" x 68" wooden sleeve of a sort, to fit over the 7" x 48" wall cap that was just above the
counter, giving me even more kitchen surface.  A large cutting board for that space would only make life easier.  This built to fit, 34" x 21" oak cutting board, helps make this my go-to area for serious vegetable cutting and chopping.  It's also my salad prep station.   I keep a bowl at the ready for my next task.
While I'm here, I may as well make tonight's salad.  I believe the start of every dinner benefits from a fresh, organic, green, vegetable-laden salad.  Not that Fathers are known for kitchen advise, but I got my salad making skills from Dad.  A salad is more than lettuce, he would say.  You need to add carrot, celery, radish, avocado, tomato, some chopped nuts, and a cheese.  The more accoutrements, the better.
Bon Appetite!

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