Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sammy is Back

About 5 years ago we discovered a small garter snake in the back yard; I named him Sammy.  Not sure where he winters, but he makes himself visible every summer.  A couple of weeks ago, we saw him for the first time this season sunning himself on a slab of warm flagstone.  Naturally, we can't be sure this is the same snake, but every year it's a little bigger and is now up to about 3 feet in length.  I'd like to believe that it is Sammy.  One day last year, I watched him slip into the pond and swim with the fish.
Earlier this week my husband was enjoying his morning coffee while watering the tomatoes when Sammy slid across his bare foot.  I've got to tell you, even knowing it's a non-threatening snake, if that was me, my coffee cup would be broken on the ground as I ran in the opposite direction.
While keeping our distance, here's a photo of the nest and a baby robin with his head lifted, waiting for food.  We've had fun listening to and watching the nest of four Robins being raised in the arbor on the side of our deck.  Both parents were always hard at work, returning to the nest with worms.  This picture was taken 8 days ago; they are all flying now, some better than others.
This morning I heard this little guy chirping but couldn't locate him.  When I noticed the Mom Robin land on a grate with a worm, I knew he must be down in the window well.  I took a box with me to the basement to put the baby in, but when I took off the screen and reached in, he just opened his mouth expecting a worm.  I was able to easily pick him up and bring him outside.  His mom waited as I set him in the grass; then they both ran into the garden.  I like happy endings.
At any rate, there is quite a lot of animal activity right now.  Although, having reinforced our borders, the itty bitty bunny that was making himself at home in the back yard, has relocated across the street under the deck of a family with four young children.  He visits our front yard daily.  Here he is taking a nap under a small wooden bridge in one of my planters, prior to his departure. 

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