Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spiderwort ~ Friday's Flower

Here's one you might not have seen, The Spiderwort Concord Grape.  Grown in zones 3-9, it has bluish green, grass-like leaves with three petaled purple flowers.  The contrasting yellow stamens really set this off.
The Spiderwort grows in upright clumps 15-18" tall and about 20" wide.  Blooming late spring and summer, the small flowers emerge from clusters of buds on long stems.

Sadly, each flower lasts only one or two days, but new blossoms appear daily throughout the blooming season.  Growing in half sun/half shade, and moist soil is ideal for this perennial.
Since reading that you can propagate in the fall or early spring by division, I plan on doing this in September.   Mine has been in for at least three years, so I should have a nice thick mass of roots to work with.

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