Saturday, June 2, 2012

How does your garden grow?

I just love this time of year, plants and vegetables are pushing up out of the ground faster than I can snap a photo.  From week to week the changes are amazing.   I like to border my garden with colorful lettuce heads.
Every year I add something new.  When my sister told me she buys frozen leeks at Trader Joe's that started me thinking.  So this year I planted a leek field.  Actually I planted them all over, in mini fields, and amongst the lettuce, which will be long gone before the leeks are ready, giving them plenty of room to grow.
The tedious part was separating and hand planting 100 leeks.  I must have forgotten the painstaking process of doing that three weeks ago, because I just planted another 50 today.  I put in several rows bordering some of the tomato plants.
Here the green onions are blooming.  Who would think an onion would have such a beautiful flower?
Fava beans are a new item for me this year.  Their little flower clusters remind me of pansies.

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