Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Berry green with envy

My yard is a full time job for the bees, and it seems they are up for the pollinating task.  As the fruit ripen, my mouth begins to water.  There have been strawberries already, but mostly everything is still green.  The raspberries will probably be the next to ripen.
I picked up 106 apples in the grass under the apple tree.  Of course some of them were due to the tree's self drop preservation, in order to be able to adequately nourish and ripen the fruit on the tree, but at least 15% were taste tested by our frequent squirrel visitors and dropped because they weren't ripe yet.
Happily, the grapes are hidden below the arbor, under the leaves, with no secure access for the squirrels, so I'm hoping to pick them before they do.  Since pear trees tend to grow columnar, the fruit at the top of the tree that I can't get to, should be enticing enough for our furry friends.
I picked 3 dozen sugar snap peas this afternoon.  I suppose that means it's time for a stir fry.
I'll leave you with this photo of the beautiful Apache Plume.  This evergreen shrub is a member of the Rose family.  The pink puffs are seed heads that come after the small white flowers bloom from April through June.  According to Desert USA , this plant's common name is derived from the fact that it resembles Apache war bonnets. Tewa and other native peoples used the stems of Apache Plumes to make brooms and arrow shafts.

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