Friday, June 29, 2012

A Day of Lilies

These Stargazer lilies are a hybrid of the Oriental group, known for their incredible fragrance.  I bought this pot of four a few days ago, and plan on putting them in one of the flower beds after they've finished blooming.  Right now they are filling the house with their heavenly scent.
The Ruby Spider daylily is also stunning with it's yellow throat and 5" blooms.
True to their name, these 3' tall pale yellow lilies bloom for a day, starting in the early morning, lasting until evening.  
Unlike the daylilies, Red hot pokers, also called Torch lilies, keep their bloom longer than a day while attracting hummingbirds.
The Stella de Oro is the most popular daylily, growing well in all zones and flowering for months.  It grows low to the ground in dense clumps of green foliage with small golden-yellow trumpet flowers.

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