Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The apples are abundant

The apple tree is loaded right now with deep beautiful crimson red fruit.
Apparently I haven't been using them fast enough. Time to get into action.
This morning I picked a bowl full and washed them so that I could core and slice them for the dehydrator.   
Slicing them uniformly and very thin insures they will dehydrate at the same rate.  Even at that, 6 trays of apple slices takes about 9 hours.  Every hour I would rotate the bottom tray to the top. 
Without touching, they were side by side when the process started.  You can see how much they shrink as they dry.  
Ta da... organic, wholesome, delicious sweet apple slices.  Ready to take on a hike, a boat ride, put in a bowl of oatmeal, or just snack on while you're daydreaming in the hammock.
Hard to believe that a dozen apples can be reduced to 8 1/2 ounces in a vacuum sealed bag.

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