Friday, September 24, 2010

Spicy Lobster in Red Sauce

 Last night I made a wonderful Lobster dish for dinner.  These are Florida Spiney Lobsters, that our friends brought to us on their trip here.  YUM!!
See the little tan and black soft fin like things down the center?  Only  female lobster have these fins.  When they are carrying eggs, the eggs are hidden under those fins.   As a scuba diver, when you are lobstering during season,  you must check every lobster for eggs.  It is illegal to take a female with eggs.
Here is the finished dish. I made a spicy tomato sauce, with just enough heat.   It was so good.  The basic recipe came from my Ultra Metabolism Cookbook.  I served it over organic fettuccine made with Jerusalem artichoke flour.
We also had a wonderful vegetable laden salad to round out our meal.

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