Monday, July 12, 2010

Nesting robins

Can you see the Robin?  She is sitting on her nest in the weeping cherry tree in our front yard.  We like this.  Last year, another robin, made her nest above the light fixture on the garage wall.   What an odd place for a nest, not protected or hidden and completely exposed to outside elements.  The year before that, we had left our live Christmas wreath on the front door a few months past the holidays (since we live in Colorado, and there is snow through spring, the wreath was festive).  Anyway, we discovered that a house wren made a nest in the wreath on the front door in late March.  Talk about odd.  We attempted to use the garage door for the next month.  Sometimes we would forget and walk out the front door, and the mama bird would fly off the nest.  She actually had 5 babies, and was out quite a bit searching for food.  But I'd rather the birds make their nest in the trees.

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