Monday, July 19, 2010

Back Home

After a long weekend away from home, I am very anxious to get to the back yard.  As a matter of fact, coming home from a trip, picking up the dog from her 'spa kennel', my husband says to me as we pull into the driveway " you just go into the house and out into the backyard and I'll bring things in."  I walk the perimeter slowly, checking for changes.  To my delight, everything is good, all is well, some have grown.  The ORBIT'S SPRINKLER CONTROLLER  worked again, in addition to my in ground system.  (Of course, the vegetables need more water than the lawn and flower beds.)  As pictured above, the grapes were still growing and untouched by the birds or squirrels.  The red cabbage, which I have planted  amongst the flower beds along with broccoli and brussel sprouts in order to maximize my veggie garden space, is thriving.  And the golden beets are shoving themselves out of the garden bed.  So, it looks like going up to the 10th Mountain Hut System at 11,000 feet  near Aspen to volunteer for 3 days to ready the 24 bed hut for winter was a good thing for all..

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