Thursday, February 20, 2014

Have Spices...Will Travel

I want to share an idea I recently came up with. Being a big believer in re-purposing items I already own, I am quite pleased with this re-invention.  Wherever we travel there is usually a kitchen available, and that being the case, I'll probably be in it.  I can find a grocery store almost anywhere that will help me stock my temporary refrigerator, but attempting to find my favorite spices, that's another story.  Even if I did happen to locate said spices, only needing a teaspoon or so, the purchase of half a dozen bottles just rubs me the wrong way. 
In almost every craft room and garage, there are likely to be some of these plastic storage containers. They come in very handy for keeping
beads, buttons, and other small items contained so they don't end up under your feet.  Most often in the garage they are holding small quantities of odd sized nuts and various types of fasteners.  Now, it has just become the perfect travel accessory for the kitchen.

In the past I have been known to pack spice jars in my luggage, and even ask others to bring hard to find flavors along in their car, because surely they have room for a few spices.  Well, no more.
In order for there to be no co-mingling of spices, I first wrapped each individually in saran wrap before placing in separate compartments.  Then I labeled each accordingly.  I now have a convenient, organized, easy to view and retrieve, traveling spice case that weighs next to nothing.
While I surely must appear to be a kitchen geek, there is something about an organized and well equipped kitchen that gets my culinary juices flowing.  Looking forward to being on the road with my portable spice limitations...endless possibilities.

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