Friday, September 13, 2013

Zinnia ~ Friday's Flower

The Zinna is my favorite annual flower.  It comes in many shapes and sizes, some being almost like teddy-bear sunflowers, others look like daisies and their colors are all over the chart.  They are quite happy to be cut and put in a vase.
I collect the seeds from the dried flower heads every year.  Yes, it takes some time to separate the seeds from the flower heads but it is well worth the time invested.  Come spring, I sprinkle the seeds wherever I want
them to grow.  As long as you give them well drained soil and full sun, they are happy. 
Their long stemmed flowers come in a variety of bright colors,which makes them a stunning backdrop in the garden.  Depending on the variety they will reach between 18" to 3' tall, and they can reseed themselves.

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