Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Day in the Kitchen

In years past I would spend one week canning, pickling and dehydrating.  But as the garden continues to expand, each year I plant more, which in turn produces several waves of ripe produce.  I'm finding that I'd rather spend one day every couple of weeks processing in a variety of ways, whatever found it's way from the garden to the kitchen.  I actually look forward to that day and I'm not as exhausted as when working at it for a week.  With a sink full of tomatoes, you can guess what happened next.
Having Bobs help, 45 ears of corn were shucked, cleaned and cut from the
cob.  I loaded the pressure canner with 19 pints of delicious, local grown, Sakata sweet corn.
I've always wanted to make preserved lemons, so in between the two canning sessions, I was able to check that off my list. 
The latest buzz is that fermented foods are amazingly beneficial.  They contain 'good' bacteria which help with digestion and in turn increases nutrient absorption.  Pickling recipes are available for almost any vegetable you can think of.  Being a fan of brussels sprouts, I decided to try a recipe for Brussels Sprouts Kimchi.  First I had to locate the Korean red pepper powder Gochugaru, which is supposedly the definitive ingredient when making Kimchi.  (Thank you Goggle)
Lastly, I whipped up another jar of my old stand by, pickled red onions, which I put on just about everything.
I call this, a good day!

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