Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Cereus Bloom

It happened...finally...something I've been looking forward to for nearly four years.  I had a feeling the bloom was about to explode, so early evening, I brought the plant inside and set it in a dark room for the night.  I'd been checking the bloom regularly, almost on the hour.  Knowing they don't bloom until after sunset, which I've been complaining about, now that sunset is earlier every day.  Okay, I see I'm getting off track...anyway, the flower remained closed. 
My check an hour later sent me spinning.  Now I began running through the house like a crazy woman, remembering when I downloaded pictures earlier in the day, my camera battery was bleeping 'out of power' and I didn't recharge the battery.  
It doesn't take long.  This flower is first a feast for the eyes, then for the nose;  the fragrance is the last to emerge.
Not overpowering, probably because it's only one flower.  Maybe if there were more blooms at the same time it would be overwhelming, but I'm willing to go through that experience.
Fortunately, the morning was overcast and rainy, which I think helped my flower to remain longer than is customary.   With it's end of life approaching, I sat there with my cup of coffee, appreciating that I had it. 
Recently, a friend of mine shared a story of a party when he lived in Nepal several years back.  His American friends had a party for what the locals call  'the-one-hour-flower'.  What a fun way to celebrate flowers blooming.
RIP Night-blooming Cereus.  I  look forward to more celebrations with you.

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