Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gingerbread Scones

Here is a simple, tasty way to start your morning.  This Gingerbread Scone recipe is really quick and easy.  By the time you're done cleaning up the dishes you've used in preparation, they are almost ready to eat.
I found the recipe at a couple of days ago.  Since I am not a fan of sugar on my food in the morning, I decided not to make the lemon icing that she drizzled on top.  Instead I pressed slivered almonds into the dough after I shaped it on the baking sheet.  With a few fresh berries on the side and a good cup of coffee..well...bring on the day.  URL to article:
Here's a photo of my Mandarin Orange tree.  90% of the fruit are ready to eat, so I've started twisting them sweet and juicy.  It was a small crop, only 16 pieces of fruit, but I can't tell you how satisfying it is to pick fresh fruit off a tree in your house, while you are looking out the window at snow on the ground.
The Meyer Lemons are just beginning to turn yellow If I remember correctly, they fully ripen in the middle of January, so check back then.

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  1. A grapefruit slice, black berries, raspberries and the scone kept my motor going all morning. Great find Lori!