Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wooden plant hangers

This is our prototype for the wooden plant hangers I needed.  Bob built me two of them, and I am very pleased.  It looks like we might tweak the design slightly, but overall it's a keeper.  The metal bracket we attached, swivels, which is part of the design.  We mounted these brackets 15' up the wall, adjacent to the middle landing, where I will be able to water them. When fall arrives, our evening temperatures can drop into the low 40's, so I start bringing in some of the outdoor plants I want to keep, and then the shuffle begins.

 I've got a few more hanging plants we need to find locations for; permanent locations, not hanging from one of the guest bathroom showers.  I do have many indoor plants, year round, but I think it's especially important during the winter, when we close up our homes, and turn on the heaters.  We need those plants to help us recycle the carbon dioxide and give us fresh air.  Every little bit helps.

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