Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Crocus are up

It's hard to believe that 17 days ago I was sitting on a plane at Denver International waiting for our turn at being DeIced.  My point is, it was snowing.  For the past week Denver has had temperatures around 70 degrees.  It sure gives me the gardening bug. 
Thankfully my first spring flowers are up, the ever true, Crocus.  Spring doesn't officially begin until next week, and while I really want to wrap my thoughts around the notion that spring is here, I've seen winter creep into May in previous years, so I'm going to hold back on the belief that this is an early spring. (Even though 49 of the 50 states are reporting that it is.) 
This week I have spent a lot of time, getting the garden beds ready. Trimmed the grape and trumpet vines,  but still have the wisteria and honeysuckle waiting for me.  Hey, a little at a time. 
This is my new 7' by 7' trellis that we built for the clematis that needed a much bigger home.
I've planted lettuce seeds and several other cool weather veggies, that will be able to tolerate the April snow, if it comes.  I still worry for the fruit trees, they are showing signs of beginning to bud, and late season snow would not be kind to them.
I won't say it in my outdoor voice, but I am very happy that it appears spring is in my immediate future.

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