Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sealing the wood fences

Almost finished with the pressure washing, sealing and reattaching the outdoor walls. 
Here, the 36" pieces are drying after being sealed with a natural transparent coating. So glad we were able to do this before everything started to grow again.  We have trimmed up the Wisteria, Orange Flame vine along with  several Honeysuckles- the yellow Halls Banks and Pink Lemonade.  Trimmed back the Hops vine that was left up all winter to remind us how fun it grows in the summer;  it'll start peaking up through the ground soon. 
Replaced the posts that were on the edge of the deck before putting it back together.  Today the shadow box around the hot tub was dismantled and cleaned up.  Tomorrow it will be back in place only looking a thousand times better.

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