Sunday, January 2, 2011


This pineapple has been sitting in my kitchen for about 10 days, waiting to ripen.  Today was the day, it smelled sweet enough. 
I have this really neat kitchen tool, that is made by Vacu Vin B.V. in the Netherlands.  It's like a wine opener for pineapples.  You place the device on top of the pineapple after you've cut off the top, and twist as if you were taking the cork out of a bottle of wine.
As you pull the corer out, you bring the slices with it.   You can see the center core of the pineapple is left attached.
It was very juicy.

This tool also spiral slices the pineapple as you are twisting it down.  Very cool.  It is made of plastic and very easy to clean.


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