Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here we go again

Just when I start thinking about spring, another winter storm rears it's ugly head and snaps me back to reality. Okay, the weather people are only calling for 2-6", so it's really not a storm.   I did some clipping and trimming today; filled the coal bucket with enough kindling for tonight's fire in the backyard  fire pit.   As much as I'm longing for spring to begin, I really don't want a repeat of last years late winter/early spring start:  Most of the month of February we were in the 70's and just loving it. However, most of  April there was fresh snow every week.  So we had a pretty big set back as spring came along,  we lost all the buds that started forming in March.  I'd rather have two more months of snow, and then let spring begin.  PLEASE!!!

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